Why You Should Watch Derry Girls

Hey, chicken! It’s time for you to get excited about Monday. You have allll week to watch Derry Girls on Netflix! If you read my blog because you have a desire to experience all things Irish, you’ve got to watch it now.

Derry Girls is written by Lisa McGee, a Northern Irish screen writer who was born in Derry, so it’s only appropriate that the show takes place in, you guessed it, Derry. (If you need a little brush up on your geography, Derry is a town in Northern Ireland.) The show is a throwback, set in the 1990’s- my favorite decade (class of ’99!) and I love it. It briefly touches on the turmoil taking place in the country between Catholics and Protestants, but it doesn’t dwell on any kind of political negativity. The humor, and often times cringe worthy, antics that take place between five teens is mesmerizing. ¬†From the very beginning, we are invited into Erin’s home. Family scenes make you feel her pain and humiliation when searching for privacy in a house filled with so many people you’ll wonder who actually lives there. The unrefined and comical situations are highlighted by a stellar 1990’s soundtrack that will absolutely have your fave’s.

Sarcasm abounds between these four Irish girls and their English fella, and I didn’t think the interactions could be experienced unless you’ve lived in Ireland for many years, but they do it. The banter is true and harsh and that’s what makes it absolutely brilliant to watch. We meet classmates and a wretchedly relatable headmaster who are genuine and starkly different from any I’ve seen portrayed in television before. The truthfulness and playfulness are reminiscent of my own experiences and I find myself wishing they were my friends in high school. Even if you don’t see yourself in the girls, they’re still fun to watch. And if you do, you’ll certainly want to borrow their clothes and copy their hair styles.

The language is gritty and hard to understand, as it should be for those of us who are not from the area, so I’ve included a little word translator below for those of you who may feel a little overwhelmed. Let me know what you think! I’d love to see if you enjoyed it as much as I do!

Here’s to season two!

Word Bank

knickers – girls underwear

knackered – tired

fair dues – respect

class (It’s class.”) – great, good

catch yourself on – wake up; get over yourself

cheeky – rude or disrespectful

chipper – a place to buy fried food

och – surprised or disbelief

nick – to steal or rob someone